"В мире нет зрелища печальней, чем отчаявшийся дьявол..." Гете ©
Моя любимая Лушка, пора и про нее вспомнить))

The life that was mine,
Too far back in time,
Shall never be seen again.
Too many dreams,
Together, it seems,
Everything was right back then.
I ruined it, and
All by own hand.
I swore to forget your name.
I broke your heart,
It all fell apart —
The result: two lifetimes of pain.
What a fate!
Such a peculiar trait;
To ruin everything that’s right.
I’ve known many tears
Through all these past years.
I doomed myself that night.
And now as I cry,
I ask myself, “Why
Can’t I get another chance to be mine?”
My heart filled with sin,
The answer is grim:
“You had a chance the first time.”
(by Ravynne)

@музыка: те же там же)))

@темы: FFVII, заскок - это индивидуальность, утирая сопли рукавами, чужое творчество